About Us


Autronic Plastics, Inc. does most of its manufacturing domestically, perceptive of customer needs to keep jobs close at hand. API's new 100,000 square foot, ISO 9001:2008 UL Certified facility in Central Islip is conveniently located only 6 miles from Long Island MacArthur airport and provides simple communication, transportation, and logistics to allow customers to observe and partake in processes to end up with a secure and cost effective result. We welcome our customers to come visit us!

  • Pure molding floor with climate control improves quality of manufacturing
    • Air conditioned molding floor minimizes temperature and humidity variables
    • No resin or grinding on production floor reduces contaminants
    • Dust free/dirt free environment allows for cleanroom-esque molding
  • Full service tool room with efficient layout enhances ability for rapid tool changes
    • Bridge crane system from tool room to presses aid in quick change overs
    • Proximity to testing lab reduces startup and setup times
  • Warehouse Management System enables Just-in-Time production
    • Logistically setup for natural processing and uninterrupted material flow
    • Batch traceability improves quality and data records
    • Four truck bays and drive-in dock allow for efficient shipping/receiving schedule
  • Employee friendly environment and amenities boosts employee morale and quality of life
    • Uniform lighting and clean, bright, and air-conditioned workspace
    • Employee lunch rooms, fitness center, picnic area and locker rooms available
  • Versatility and Flexibility of molding floor simplify modifications and later additions
    • Plug & Play options allow for easy addition of features or and secondary operations
    • Complex additions can be added more efficiently
    • Automation and engineering lab to help reduce customer cost of goods
  • 80 Employees, including 1 Electrical, 1 Computer, 2 Chemical, 1 Industrial, 1 Manufacturing and 6 Mechanical Engineers