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Founded in 1953, Autronic Plastics, Inc. (API) has grown from a small plastic molding company to an industry leading, custom injection molder known for its service, creativity, technology, and commitment to excellence. In its early years, API developed solutions to problems for specialized markets in life safety products and office equipment.

In 1993, API expanded the company's focus to include entertainment packaging through the acquisition of Clear-vu Products. Clear-vu Products is a leader in the market place for developing and manufacturing media and security packaging devices and is a well-recognized brand name in CD-ROM, DVD, game and software packaging and retail products. Please visit the Clear-Vu website for additional information.

In 1999, Autronic Plastics opened its first regional molding and assembly center in Ashville, North Carolina (API South) to better service our customers in the Southeast US. API South operated 6 molding machines and helped API achieve its goal of reducing "Time-to-Market."

In 2008, API launched the Clear-vu Lighting brand, a pioneer in developing and manufacturing advanced LED lighting systems for innovative applications. Please visit the Clear-Vu Lighting website to read more about how we were the first to light up an entire construction site, the first to light sidewalks under bridge and shed scaffolding, and the first to support LED lighting with third rail input.

Today, API is a manufacturer for many different technologically advanced markets, including the medical and dental, automotive, life safety, lighting, aerospace, military, defense, and consumer product industries. API's expertise in processing high performance engineering resins and manufacturing high quality, precision parts has made us the plastic injection molding OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of choice for many of our customers. API provides turnkey solutions for many customers and is proud to be one of the top New York contract manufacturers. We are proud to announce that API recently opened their new corporate headquarters, a 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Central Islip, NY, to continue our growth as a Long Island plastic manufacturer. The ISO 9001:2015 certified facility is the new home of API's corporate headquarters, design & engineering, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.

API's employees have committed themselves to continuously improving both company and plant performance. They understand that everyone benefits from the efforts of the individual to create not merely parts, but solutions. API continues today, as in the past, to focus on creating products that make a positive contribution to the world we live in and the planet we live on. The company expects to maintain its dynamic growth by continuing to provide value and loyalty to our customers. Autronic Plastics designers and engineers strive for "Right the First Time" design and execution. As our quality policy states, "Do it right today, and even better tomorrow."

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