About Us



Autronic Plastics, Inc. has been building tools and manufacturing parts in New York since 1953, perceptive of customer needs to keep jobs close at hand.

After Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, API had exceeded its capacity. The decision had to be made whether to continue to grow operations in API South or to find one larger facility that could incorporate all of API’s growing departments. Being Long Island natives themselves, API’s executives decided to grow operations here in New York.

In the summer of 2014, API officially opened the doors to its 100,000 square foot facility in Central Islip, adding new jobs to Suffolk County and raising the bar for injection molders with capabilities that set us apart from the competition. API’s new corporate headquarters is ISO 9001:2015 UL certified and is conveniently located only 6 miles from Long Island MacArthur airport.

It provides simple communication, transportation, and logistics to allow customers to observe and partake in processes to end up with a secure and cost effective result. We welcome our customers to come visit us!


  • Climate controlled molding floor improves the quality of manufacturing and improves working conditions for employees.
  • Air conditioned molding floor minimizes temperature and humidity variables
  • Vacuum-fed material handling system and individual material handling bays isolate materials and prevent foreign debris from contaminating materials
  • No resin or grinding on production floor provides dust free/dirt free environment
  • Dual bridge cranes overhead to improve changeover time and minimize risks during mold setup


  • Efficient Layout enhances ability for rapid tool changes.
  • Bridge crane system from tool room to presses to aid in quick changeovers.
  • EDM, Wire EDM, and high speed milling machines allow machining of the hardest of steels.
  • Proximity to testing lab reduces startup and setup times.


  • Logistically setup for natural processing and uninterrupted material flow.
  • Batch traceability improves quality and data records.
  • Four truck bays and drive-in dock allow for efficient shipping/receiving schedule.


  • Uniform lighting and clean, bright, air conditioned work spaces provide a comfortable environment.
  • Employee lunch rooms, fitness center, picnic area, and locker room available.
  • Monthly summer BBQs and holiday parties boost employee morale and quality of life.


  • Versatility of molding floor simplifies modifications and later additions.
  • Plug & Play options allow for easy addition of features or and secondary operations.
  • Complex additions can be added more efficiently.
  • Automation and engineering lab to help reduce customer cost of goods.