Industries Served

Medical / Dental

The Healthcare field is one of the largest growing fields in the United States. Medical and dental equipment manufacturing grosses almost $15 billion annually. Combining API's high level of precision and quality with many years of expertise in running FDA approved and medical grade resins in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility allow API to be a key supplier in the medical and dental industries.

Examples of parts: Medical/Dental Housings, testing components, sleep apnea products, dental scalers, medication administering devices, pump components, dental imaging equipment, camera lenses


API specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of security and anti-theft packaging. API was a pioneer in developing popular security packaging in the entertainment and pharmaceutical industries. Autronic Plastics designs reusable, theft-deterring containers such as CD, DVD, boxed set, and game cases, high retail value security packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging with RFID integration and ergonomic design for ease of use with child resistance still intact.

Examples of products: Ink jet cartridges, electronics, jewelry, CD & DVD retail and rental cases, video game hardware and software packaging, OTC pharmaceutical containers, high value product cases

Clear-Vu / NEXPAK

Lighting & Life Safety

Delivering high transparency, high reflectivity, and high visibility parts for the past 20 years, Autronic Plastics has become an industry leader and an expert in manufacturing plastic components in the field of lighting and life safety products.

Examples of parts: Exit signs, emergency signs, traffic light lenses and controls, street lamp covers

Clear-Vu Lighting designs and manufactures best-in-class products for harsh environment temporary and permanent lighting applications.


Today's cars are built to last longer. Due to the challenges in today's economy, consumers are more likely to make repairs to their car. In response, car manufacturers are looking to make cars and parts more efficiently. High density and high performance thermoplastics are being used to replace metal because they are light-weight, can be produced quickly and consistently, and can be attained at a lower cost. API's expertise in using engineering grade resins and our ISO 9001:2015 rated facility make us a clear choice for many automotive part suppliers, both OEM and aftermarket solutions.

Examples of parts: connectors, bobbins, fuel pump components, pistons, sensors, cargo security, metal replacement applications, rubber replacement applications

Military / Defense / Aerospace

Autronic Plastics strives to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of material processing capability. API excels at working with difficult-to-process, engineering resins including PEEK, Ryton, Lexan, Valox, and Polyarylsulfone. These light-weight plastics are being used in military, defense, and aerospace applications due to their high performance and chemical resistant properties. Combining versatility with high precision and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards bring API to the top of the class with regard to plastic injection molders and make us the clear choice for engineering, metal replacement, or rubber replacement projects.

Examples of parts: bullet casings, cooling fixtures, adapters, bobbins, relays, helmet accessories, arc barriers, bullet testing equipment, flair components, FOD covers, industrial battery caps, metal replacement applications, rubber replacement applications


Autronic Plastics works with display manufacturers to improve point of purchase designs. API can help redesign plastic display components to incorporate additional features such as security packaging or modular and standardized parts to help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Examples of products: fasteners, hooks, bezels, pegs, end-caps, cases, shopping cart signs

Consumer Products / Made in USA

With transportation and fuel costs near all time highs and overseas labor costs increasing, more and more companies are making a conscious effort to bring manufacturing back into the United States. Autronic Plastics, Inc. applauds the "Made in USA" initiative and in response, strives to be competitive with off-shore manufacturers. API helps to control transportation costs by housing all operations (design, engineering, tool building, manufacturing, quality control, shipping, etc.) in their Long Island, New York facility. This also helps reduce lead times and allows you to bring your product to market faster!

Whether you are an engineer designing a new plastic part, a sourcing agent looking to transfer an existing plastic injection tool or an entrepreneur with a great idea, you can be rest assured that your design will be handled safely and securely with our non-disclosure practices. Everyday products are designed and manufactured environmentally friendly with high precision and high quality.

Examples of parts: alternative energy and battery components, mouth guards, plastic pail handle grips, pump housings, electronic components, ear plugs, kitchen/bath supplies, protective gear, fasteners, flooring components, water meter parts, construction components