Case Studies

Off-Shore Pricing is Not Always Cheaper than "Made in USA" Products

In today's competitive landscape, many companies are looking to find the lowest overall cost to complete their projects. Companies investigate building tools and manufacturing overseas only to realize that the overall cost exceeds that of manufacturing on-shore. We repeatedly hear horror stories about customers that have spent thousands of unplanned dollars due to compromised tooling, poor manufacturing standards, air shipping, and trademark infringements.

There are many hidden costs that need to be factored in when comparing overseas pricing to building a tool at Autronic Plastics, Inc.

Risks associated with off-shore sourcing

  • Design and approval process requires constant back-and-forth shipping of parts and samples resulting in a delay to bringing products to market
  • Shipping a tool and/or parts can add tens of thousands of dollars and more than 8 weeks to project lead times while increasing the potential risk for damage in-transit
  • Language barriers and different time zones create communication difficulties
  • Mold design is not always complete or as expected, making transfer of tool difficult if not impossible
  • Instability in foreign currencies can lead to pricing fluctuations and higher costs
  • Unknown stability or reputability of offshore company leave customer susceptible to "disappearing act"

Benefits of working with Autronic Plastics, Inc. as compared to off-shore counterparts

  • API designs, builds, and manufactures plastic injection molds and plastic injection molded parts at the same location in Long Island, NY, eliminating additional delays from shipping samples for approval back and forth. We welcome and encourage our customers to visit us at the location that their mold and product are being produced.
  • Plastic injection molds and parts are "Made-in-USA", helping to avoid costly shipping charges and delays in product launch to market. Tools are stored and maintained on-site by API engineers for the entire life of the tool.
  • API provides a turnkey manufacturing solution with a short supply chain and works with aggressive lead times to help reduce cost and bring products to market quickly and efficiently.
  • Autronic Plastics, Inc. can design and incorporate custom or off-the-shelf robotics to reduce cycle times, lead times, and lower overall cost of parts.
  • Parts are manufactured under USA laws and regulations. Autronic Plastics, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified uses certified and compliant materials including FDA, REACH, NSF, ROHS, ISO.
  • Autronic Plastics engineers pride themselves on "Right the First Time" design and execution, reducing the need for aftermarket solutions or repairs.
  • API has been building molds and manufacturing plastic parts for over 60 years. All sales and currency are made in US dollars, eliminating the negative impact of fluctuating foreign currency or instability.
  • All customers are handled with non-disclosure practices and receive personalized attention from our dedicated customer service team.

API supports and applauds the initiative to bring manufacturing back to the US! Please feel free to contact us or request a quote today!