Case Studies

Self-Service Security Device for RFID Reduces Theft and Saves Employee Time

A leader in the asset protection market was looking to create a self-service checkout system for library customers to reduce the time and effort library employees were spending unlocking digital media packaging during the checkout process. Security packaging is used for digital media to help defer theft, however prior to the launch of the self-service disc unlocker, the checkout process was time consuming and expensive.

The Challenge

Due to economic challenges in the mid-late 2000s, there was a large increase in the amount of customers that went to the library for free resources including video games, movies, and music. If unsecured, customers could walk out of the library with product. If secured, the unlocking and checkout process was very time consuming and a lot of manual work. As the use of these free resources increased, libraries were beginning to see the need for a checkout process that the customers could do themselves.

Design & Engineering

The API engineers and designers worked very closely with the customer from the early stages of this project in order to fully understand the requirements for both the parts and the system. API collaborated with the customer's engineering teams on all stages of development, including part design, material selection, testing, tool design, manufacturing, and assembly.

The Solution

API's expertise in designing innovative security packaging and manufacturing and assembling complicated parts helped to bring this revolutionary system to the market quickly and efficiently while exceeding our customer's requirements.

  • The self-service disc unlocking system allows for an unattended checkout and allows the user to unlock materials without the assistance of the library staff. The system allows customers to simultaneously add materials to their account while unlocking the security features.
  • The enhanced security design also helped to better protect libraries from theft or loss. The new design helps to eliminate the possibility of replacing or switching the disc in the case since the disc itself is checked out. The security case adds an additional layer of security.

API's security packaging designs have been used by major corporations to deter theft without impacting point of sale or having a negative impact from a user perspective.